PTP Podcast: Non-conference wrap-up

The PTP Podcast is back to talk about the non-conference season, recent transfer news, a couple of GB players in the NBA, and preview the Phoenix next three games.

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UWGB has a new head coach Phear the Phoenix Podcast

We're back to talk about Green Bay's new head coach, Sundance Wicks. @JimSarow and @BrianDickmann talk through the decision to hire Wicks over the other four finalists, the Sundance style, and more. For more, visit http://www.phearthephoenix.com and follow @PhearThePhoenix on Twitter.
  1. UWGB has a new head coach
  2. Season wrap up and coaching search heating up
  3. Green Bay moving on from Will Ryan
  4. It's time for Phoenix basketball
  5. 2022/2023 Season Preview with Will Ryan

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